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Because the law of 5's is too well defined...
Long absence from posting, blah blah, excuse, blah blah, justification for returning, blah.

Now that I've got that part out of the way, I recently moved again within orlando. Beautiful house, pictures to follow. Regardless moving generally means I end up with this awkward absence of something in my life for a little while: Internet access. Not for lack of trying of course.

XKCD made a comment about this once. I've gone through multiple attempts and have yet to get access consistently.

Attempt #1

Scanning for unprotected wireless networks in the area. No dice, everyone has at least WEP.

Attempt #2

KisMAC to crack the WEP network nearby. One full night of arguing with it and no progress. Check online at work the next day, KisMac doesn't work on Intel.

Attempt #3

KisMAC running on a powerbook G4. Fewer networks found, still doesn't function. Further reading at work the next day produces the information that KisMAC is just broken on anything newer than an Airport card. Shit

Attempt #4

Pringles Cantenna. Found several unprotected networks with it. Connected to Linksys for just enough time to get to Google. Disconnected. Everyone that has unprotected networks are on the opposite side of a lake. Nevermind the truly kludged nature of my cantenna. Taking my computer apart always seems to happen i the kitchen even when food isn't involved.

Attempt #5

Panera Bread. Successful, but the advantages of this are limited.

I'm downloading and installed AirCrack right now, but I have strong doubts of success considering my track record. I found a couple coupons for free internets I've won on 4chan for various things, but I don't know how to redeem them...

More from me when I have consistent internet access.
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I just got up from a 45 minute nap. I'm trying polyphasic sleep again. I figured I'd make it a sort of experiment. I had the weekend off, and an early day Friday, so it was the perfect time to adjust.

[Friday September 26th, 4:30AM] - Slept for two hours, work began at 8 and I woke up at 6. I didn't actually get out of bed until 7 or so, reading e-mail and browsing the web while half awake. I hate waking up.

[Friday September 26th, 6:00PM] - Slept for 45 minutes. Refreshing

[Saturday September 27th, 12:00AM] - Slept for three hours. Woke up completely non-functional. Stared at the wall. Debating why I was doing this to myself.

[Saturday September 27th, somewhere after 5:00AM] - Got back to sleep. I couldn't sleep but couldn't fully wake up since 3AM. I hadn't set an alarm for three, but I naturally wake up every three or hour hours when sleeping.

[Saturday September 27th, 9:00AM] - So much for polyphasic sleeping this first night. Less than normal for a day off though.

[Saturday September 27th, 12:00PM] - One hour nap. Hit the snooze after 45 minutes.

[Saturday September 27th, 9:30PM] - 45 minutes of sleep.

Now I intend to sleep at 1AM or 2AM for 45 minutes. I don't feel tired, but I got a long nap last night so that makes sense. The dreams I've had are odd, lucid, and disturbing. I distinctly remember driving a car on a mountain road, killing Grover the muppet with my vehicle, and jumping out of the car as it flew off the cliff. I also have been feeling much more creative. When the stores open up again I'm going to grab a sketchpad and relearn to draw. I had a great vision when I woke up earlier of a steampunked iMac: bronzed paint, fake wooden backing, venting on the front of the bezel. Next time I wake up I intend to write something. Anything really. Stumbleupon is keeping me going when everyone is offline at the early morning hours.

Let's see how this works.
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Amazing pictures, makes up for hte lack of posting.
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If you could go back and fix your most regrettable decision, what would it be, and what would you do differently? Or: Pirates or Ninjas?
In a fight? Ninjas. Easily. Going out for drinks? Pirates. Easily.

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One thing I openly admit about myself is the absurdity of the ideas that I find myself entertaining. I consider climbing buildings with no safety precautions to be acceptable so long as you train for it. Not something most people would agree with, but it amuses me. If something amuses me enough it moves me to pursue it.

Rarely are theses pursuits fruitful and little more than unproductive indulgences.

For once I’m inspired by something both aligned with my interests as well as practical, if completed as I envision it.

A motorcycle driven by an electrically powered steam engine. Ridiculously obscure, but once explained the theory makes sense and seems more than practical. Someone already made one propane fueled, so it’s not impossible.

A boiler creates steam energy from heated water, using the produced pressure to operate a piston. A heat source powers the boiler, which sends the steam through oil into the piston, then into a condenser which catches the oil and releases cleaner steam as exhaust. It’s possible for a steam engine to be expanded to multiple pistons, increasing efficiency.

Most boilers rely on fossil fuels for heat, which is great if you don’t mind using fossil fuels. However, I’m poor and cheap. Those of you with mechanical minds are familiar with the way an alternator works in a car, but I’ll explain for those who aren’t car savvy (like myself). An alternator converts the work done by an engine into electricity, usable in cars to power the electrical systems and charge the battery. If I can get an efficient alternator (would two be beneficial?) the heating system will power itself.

Law of thermodynamics keeps this from being a true perpetual motion machine, so extreme distances wouldn’t be possible on the bike. Smaller trips, like around town or the daily commute, are more than possible.

(Optional Addition)

A small electric air pressure generator and pressure tank to reduce the start time of the engine. Idea stolen from SAAB.

So basically I add lights and register the things and have myself a street-legal essentially free to drive vehicle. I intend to make it suitably large, I don’t want a steam powered moped. I want a steam powered cruiser-style bike. A large size would allow for a more powerful boiler, and thus longer run time and quicker speed.

The problem I keep running into is my lack of mechanical know-how. I’m not blind in an engine, but I’m really murky eyed. I don’t have much practical experience, all I can do is fix simple broken things I’ve fixed before; unfortunately, nine times out of ten I can find the most inefficient method. I’m very unsure on the actual mechanics regarding the operation of the motorcycle’s motor. I would honestly need to be able to throw the steam engine onto an established motor and cross my fingers everything still works.

As soon as I’m not in an apartment I’m going to gauge how long the construction should take. Right now I’m in the research and design stage. At this point I’m drawing a picture of my dream house I intend to build but only have proficiency with simple hand tools.

All resources or suggestions are encouraged.

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Because the world is fucked up enough to spur rantage.

Can't quite post this on my site because I have to keep it acceptable to showcase at work. Thus I'm working on a second site hosted on or both go there. Nothing really on there now aside from feeble attempts at web design after not fucking with it in forever.

It just hit me that it only took a few hours for to comment on my blog. That's pretty cool. I do have to say they're extremely useful even though I've got webspace everywhere. Just makes things easier.
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Tim linked me to something this morning, or last night, that I can only assume will be purchased by Google eventually. is a great idea, and the execution isn’t half bad either.

The idea is that you create this ‘drop,’ which isn’t quite an account so much as a designated site. After it’s created you set an admin password and configure access options to your liking. Once you’ve got it all set up you can upload any files, images, notes, or audio clips you want until you reach your 100mb limit. In addition to uploading through the web interface you have the option of e-mailing, faxing, or even calling in a drop.

A lot of you send me things, or find cool things that I might like. Thus, I have created a drop of my own. I have my password protected, not that I care much, but I don’t feel like showcasing unrefined internet droppings.

Anything you think I might like (links, photos, videos, wikipedia pages) just e-mail to and I’ll be guaranteed to get to it. Throw your name in the e-mail or whatnot if you plan to ask me about it the next time I sign online.

I used to use AIM like this in the past, but my internet turns off every few hours just to bother me nowadays. Nothing to do with the new internet provider my complex has decided to pick up.

Additionally I plan to make my videos infrequently, but kick up the content and speed a little. I have a short attention span and won’t watch a YouTube video if the person doesn’t amuse me quick enough.

”OnCollapse )
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I started up a site on my .Mac finally. Took my long enough. A nice simple interface is something I don't often appreciate, but I'm finding it rather appealing.

That shouldn't be too hard to remember.

Additionally now that my computer is designed to magically create whatever I desire I've taken up the loathsome act of vlogging again. I'm still hosting it on YouTube, however I'm embedding the episodes in blog posts in many different places now including here, my other blog, and YouTube itself.

Enjoy or ignore, whichever.

Tim is joining me to a degree.


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I've had an obnoxious cold the past couple days, but luckily it seems to be drining away rather quickly. The fact that I had a fever and slept or 12 hours stopping only to cough phlegm and mucus into a cup probably helped. Robotussin's changed the consistency of their formula, instead of being a horrid tasting liquid, it's now like a gag-inducing gel substance that keeps you from getting the dose over in one shot. I want to add vodka to it just to loosen the consistency.

On an unrelated note I finally started using my .mac account for its intended purpose: web hosting. Instead of fighting with web hosts, going through the effort of designing and coding a site, writing a blog program, and all the other headache I just grabbed a template in iWeb, took some photos in Photo Booth, messed with them in iPhoto, and hit the publish button.

I also reserved a domain name for it:

Visit. Enjoy. More will come.
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Red bull reminds me of Spree candy. I don’t know why I drink it. Maybe I don’t like sleep. Maybe I’m afraid I won’t wake up. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to wake up. Dreams are so much nicer than reality can be.

Does beer go well with Red Bull? Yes it does. Beer goes well with everything.

One day soon I’m going to catalogue my experiences at Pegasus Connection. You all will have a great laugh at the shit I’ve been through. I’m moving out, and no one can stop me.

I got promoted at work. I’m now officially full time instead of just working a ton of hours. I love my position and my store; I have polar feelings about the customers sometimes. But I’m there to make people’s lives better, and sometimes those people are from Brazil.

They shouldn’t be allowed to make Red Bull in the industrial three serving size. They also shouldn’t sell it to me after 2am. That would save me money and I’d get more sleep.

I’m rambling a bit because none of you bastards are online at this hour. Fuck your sleep schedule, I’m talkative.

But I really have nothing to say.

I want to learn bass guitar. Max and I are starting a band, and I have little affinity for chords but a good ear for anything I can relate to middle school band class. And I played baritone back then so I’m used to the bass parts and counter-melodies.

Voltaire is an amazingly talented dude. Best Cuban ever.

I want to magically have a SteamPunk wardrobe. I don’t have good thrift stores, nor the time to visit them.

I still haven’t thought of a character name, act, or skill for the ren faire. I’d waiting for an idea to find me.

I think I’ve found a new place to live and a cool guy to room with. No more living in the hood for me. No more stoned bastards being jackasses until 5am. No more empty fridge with nothing but leftover Wendy’s from the roommate’s work and Purple Drink.

(What the fuck is in Purple Drink anyway?)

Why am I not asleep? I got out of work at 02:45, there’s no reason to still be up. I need to be back at work at 15:00. I need to use military time or I’ll never know when I’m supposed to be where. That’s fucking sad.

Respond, but only as incoherently as I have blogged.

I've also perfected the creepy photo to show off my new Hot Topic earrings. That couldn't have sounded gayer.

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I have to be at work in 5 in the morning, and what better way to distract myself from the loathsome sound of my broken drying machine than to write a post for this long neglected site.

(the only peace this machine has offered me is the knowledge that it bothers to bastards sleeping in the common room)

Yesterday I returned to Orlando after a weekend of camping in Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach for the Renaissance Festival. This year marks the tenth year I’ve attended the Florida Renaissance Festival. One month a year for half my life I’ve visited this faire; the amount of money I’ve given them is beyond my desire to calculate. This year, I am amazed again, last year is almost lost its appeal I had long loved.

Below I will review what I consider the highlights of the faire.

The name of the show or actor will take you to their website if they have one available, and I’ll be posting a youtube clip or two if they have one in addition to my thoughts on them.

Everything that matters at the Renaissance FestivalCollapse )

All that really boils down to this: this is what I want to do with my life. I don’t really want to be a code monkey amusing myself with logic puzzles, and I’m not to keen on staying in retail for an exceptionally long time. I would love to develop a skill and an act to travel with and live off of that. I’m not sure what I want to do, but I’m gong to start by relearning how to juggle and continuing to improvise comedy with customers. I’m also watching a lot of Derren Brown and learning NLP, so perhaps I can be a mentalist at the fair, working in humor and mind control in addition to stupid human tricks.

I don’t know, I’m not sure where to start but I’d love to have a partner in it, or at least someone to bounce ideas around with. We’ll try it out here, what direction do you think would be good? What should I focus on the most? What steps do you see ahead of me on that path?

I blame Chunky's new act, Doktor Kaboom, for this inspiration.

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Stolen from Ivan on myspace. In leue of an actual post.

Not as easy as you may think.

Where is your cell phone?


Your hair?

Your favorite thing?

Your dream last night?

Your favorite drink?

Your dream car?

The room you're in?

Your fear?

Where were you last night?

What you're doing right now?


One of your wish list items?

Where did you grow up?

The last thing you did?

What are you wearing?

Your TV?

Your pet or pets?

Your computer?

Your Life?

Your Mood?

Missing someone?

Your vehicle?

Your work?

Like someone?

Fav. Color?

When is the last time you laughed?

How many people do you trust?
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When I woke up this morning it was so cold I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed. I laid there for three hours trying to convince myself it’d be warmer with more clothing. Only after I’d outfitted myself in two of everything, two pairs of jeans, boxers and briefs, two pairs of socks, boots, a long and short sleeve shirt, hoodie, and trenchcoat did I begin life. Apparently in my frozen hibernation I missed a call from work asking me if I’d come in. Too bad I didn’t hear it, I’m pretty sure their heater works. My xbox is the only thing keeping my room warm I think, my heater just gets the temperature up to halfway between outside and where I want it.

I’m a native to South Florida, 70 degrees is hoodie weather and anything below that is telling you how many seconds it’ll take before your blood freezes and you can’t move anymore. If we ever hit negative temperatures I’m pretty sure our Floridian hearts would just refuse to pump blood. I empathized well with the Jamaicans in Cool Runnings.

The cold has got me performing small tasks to keep my mind off the fact that my left testicle is trying to retreat back into my body for warmth. Thus, the blog post.

I’ve been too busy to post recently, over this holiday season I’ve been working full time hours in a store so fully packed with people it doesn’t matter how high you crank the A/C it’s still going to be warm. I made it home a few times, it’s nice to visit but I’m happy living up here on my own. Even if my apartment looks like a war zone I can take solace in the fact that no one would be capable of making off with anything if it gets broken into.

So it’s 2008, another year ticked away. I notice less and less, to be honest. I don’t consider hangover day to be a holiday. I spent my new years eve playing xbox and chatting online. Everyone is out of town; I don’t really know anyone around here and worked too much to really justify going south. It was a night of introspection and I figured I’d at least cover one tradition if I wasn’t going to get shitfaced.


I normally don’t participate in resolutions, I know a lot of people who give them lip service every year. I know more people who just make fun of the concept, that’s cool too. I feel like I actually can commit to my goals if I actually go through the effort of amassing them this year. Normally I start thinking about them mid January then say to hell with it and truck on through the year aimlessly.

Enough banter…

  • Get out more. I spend too much time alone in my room. That’s no way to live
  • Keep my living space clean. I’m tired of living in squalor and tripping over shit when I wake up and stumble toward the shower. Shit’s gotta end.
  • Run. Every day I will run. I don’t care how much, I will just make the effort every day until it’s enough and I improve.
  • Get back into the gym. I’ve been out of it long enough, my school offers a gym, and I shouldn’t ignore it.
  • Learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I’m already aware of it, and use parts of it in my daily life, but I want to master it. Look up Derren Brown if you don’t know what it is.
  • Learn something creative, practice creativity daily. I need to keep from stagnating like I’ve been for so long.
  • Do well in my classes. I’ve been slacking and due to factors mostly beyond my control these next few semesters are going to be make or break for me academically.

Some are more important than others, but they all play in together to create a theme or habit of self improvement for the year. Too many of my days are spent idle, and it’s killing more than time. Those of you that went to high school with me, think about me during senior year. Not much has changed. I’m still selectively introverted and detached from those around me. By next year, that will have changed.

By next year I’ll be happy.

Next year…

Wow, what a great idea Warren Ellis had. Bastard is crazy, but benevolent.

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Dear Pegasus Connection Maintenance Team,

My dryer sounds like a snare drum in a rusty cement mixer that happens to be falling down a massive set of stairs. It also fails to perform its primary task: drying my clothes. Please fix soon, as I am poor and my clothes will begin to smell at any time. I can only afford so much Axe body spray.


Tony Joy
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But I am too proud to not hide this behind a cutCollapse )

Call me. I probably need it.

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Internet is out in the apartment. Fucking great...
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I'm sitting outside, at 3:30 in the morning, listening to almost rhythmic drumming bouncing around the community. Lord knows where the hell it's coming from, the acoustics around here are far from comprehensible. Admittedly I'm enjoying the ambient beat, even if it is probably hip hop back at its point of origin.

This post isn't just because I'm awake at 4am when I should be sleeping. This post is because I can't sleep and I'm feeling something I haven't felt in a long time. I'm feeling indescribably blank. I can always put into words how I feel, but right now all I can do is smash the keyboard and hope it gets my message across. I just spent a half hour browsing the old photos on my computer I'm holding for my family. I guess this is nostalgia mixed with uncertainty, I wish I knew.

Saving your bandwidth, so many pictures...Collapse )

Wish I knew.


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Got my ears pierced at a 12ga today, that way I can stretch them larger without having started at a ridiculous end of the spectrum. I'm going to be stretching them, I don't know to what point. My family will be pissed.

Pics or it didn"t happen...Collapse )
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When I said "what the comings weeks bring" last entry I was not expecting them to be bringing me a broken car. Yeah, driving back from downtown my car overheated, and then bled all the coolant I poured in thereservoir out onto the ground. Lovely.

Hopefully I can get in touch with a family friend up here to have it looked at. He knows what he's doing on a car, whereas I know how to not get injured by the car.

Oh yeah, and my new roommate is throwing off the groove of the apartment quite a bit. Y'know, smoking pot, pissing off his friends so they egg our apartment with our own eggs, making obnoxious moaning and banging sounds late into the early morning.

Great guy...

On an off topic and mildly unrelated note I just now, in the process of pasting this entry over from google docs, stood up and managed to trail my laptop by its cord off my desk and onto the floor whilst knocking myself from my feet and spilling a cup of water on it. It's a goddamn tank so it's fine, the water was on the screen. Just figured it was worth mentioning while I was here.
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Since I've been back up in UCF work has become my life. When I was working forty hours a week over summer it felt like work was my life; my day consisted of work and sleep, nothing more. Now that I'm back to college I honestly am working, working on my backlogged classwork, or trying to catch up on studying while looking for opportunities to sneak sleep into the equation. I love my job, a lot more than I love my classes at this point, and I'm really debating switching to online classes next semester to better accommodate my work schedule. Full time work and full time school would kill me, but I think if I had a less time dependent schedule I could do it better.

Between work, class, and an assignment in my Object Oriented Programming class I've slept a third of what I need to function in the past three days. I'm running on hopes and dreams right now, unable to sleep until I pour what's in my head onto the screen. It's too late to videoblog right now, I'll probably make one if I find time tomorrow between reading shitty text books. Good thing I already have a pretty good knowledge of American History and know Java well enough to not even own that textbook. However, with the parts the classes seems to stress in Psychology and American History I'm going to have to pull of some heavyweight A's next two semesters to regain my Bright Futures. C's and C+'s are not going to cut it, and that's what I'm looking at those classes.

Good thing I'm working, if I switch to working a full time amount and do online classes it might not matter if I get that aid back.

I wish I could justify not getting a degree and just doing a career path instead.

Everything is going my way, just not to the fullest I'd enjoy. The middle of the semester is always my least favourite part: sink or swim.

We'll see what the coming weeks bring,

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Breaking into a car within the next ten minutes.

My car.

Fuckin' keys.
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Direct Link

Tim and Carlos Salguiero star in a guest edition.


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Direct Link

Making up for a lack of a post on Thursday.


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I've had my laptop for a bit over a year now, I've uninstalled and reinstalled more operating systems than I really care to recount, and not once did I realize that it had a built in webcam. There were no drivers for it on any of the CDs I was provided, Hell, I'd never have known it was there if it weren't for Luigi's insistence earlier today. I was certain the lense-like shiny portion of my computer was somehow related to the microphone it was embedded in. So all during my C class I did nothing but hunt for this godforsaken driver. The laptop I have is apparently unheard of in the digital realms, leading me to off the beaten path russian forums, which linked me to japanese tutorials, which eventually led to a single rar file with vista drivers for my campera. Luckily the operating system doesn't care what the drivers were intended to be used on, they're cool with xp. Except it took me about twenty minutes to flip the image to a normal orientation.

God I hate technology.
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I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines of creation, watching the greatness (imagined or otherwise) of others while I justify and rationalize creative stagnation. Until the end of the semester I plan to create something every weekday: writing, video, art, something substantial (by internet standards). I don't care if they're good ideas, bad ideas, impressive, or embarrassing, I'll have something to show for it at the end of the day.

Tell your friends some internet level entertainment is on the way here, because if anything this will be like watching a dot-com company in the 90's take off like the Challenger. Too soon?
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The sun's coming up outside.

I've been back in Orlando for a week and two days, and I've seen the sun come up for about half of them. I really wish it would just stay down one of these mornings, let me have my peace a bit longer than normal.

So yes, hangover day is beginning for the former Jefferson Commons and I am not partaking. More a result of inaccessibility than good judgment, but the outcome is still me being awake and sober staring at a ball of fire burning away a soothing night sky.

This week has been a great transition from sleeping on couches to actually having roughly four walls to myself. That relief eclipses the fact that my closet door was kicked in when I got here. And the door looks like someone took a large metal object to it, after torturing our couches mercilessly with cigarettes, breaking all our dining room chairs, breaking some inner doors off hinges, and removing structural components from the fridge. That was nice of them, but they aren't all to blame, the office didn't clean anything in the apartment. And the garbage disposal backfired more than a few pierces of metal and paint back at Tim. They're fixing it I suppose, they have a month to finish though and they're taking time with the doors, carpet, and plumbing.

Aside from the move in condition I'm pretty psyched about the place. Full of energy and outgoing people. My room is progressing from livable to nice at a snail's pace. A snail traveling across a desert of salt., to be brutally honest. The apartment is nice and livable, we've upgraded from playing shitty Genesis games to Bioshock, so I guess that could be considered progress.

The sun is up, and I need to reset my idea of what day it is. I'll wake up with the rest of the Sunday morning crowd, the lucky sots that had alcohol available to them.

Got something special to update with later.
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I have a strong urge to relinquish all possessions aside from a laptop, some clothes, and maybe a toothbrush, and travel the world.

I don't know why, but I just want to get out and force myself into activity. It's an interesting way to do it, but it really is something that I wish was viable opportunity. If I were better (read: fucking amazing) at programming, know system administration, or was naturally rich I'd be able to just drop everything and live out of my bag. I'd say car if I didn't want to leave the country so much.

I want to live near running water, preferably with thick canopy cover. Somewhere like that where people spoke english would be nice.

I just don't want to end up like other americans, living day to day by a schedule, by the television, according to their jobs, and a victim of mental decay.

I can't generate ideas, I have no creativity. Everything I've ever written or thought has been a synthesized regurgitation of something else I'd seen. School has corrupted my mind, destroyed creative thought, and neutered my ability to create from my mind. I'm not big on conspiracies, but I think it's intentional. I need to unlearn, and then learn to thing on my own.

Anyone remember the diet pill that caused heart problems? No one ever mentions it anymore.

Why was Furby worth physical violence?

When did cartoons stop being like The Animaniacs, Ren and Stimpy, and Rocko's Modern life?

What happened to the things I liked when I was younger?

South Florida is killing me, and it's not even doing it in a way I can create from.
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I'm so damn bored. Call me, we'll do something. Anything. I'm up for drowning kittens at this point.
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There was so much coverage at work today that I barely had any customers to talk to, let alone sell things to. However there was one customer today that really made the day worthwhile.

I'd just gotten back from a break and walked up to an elderly woman who looked confused staring at printers. I asked her if she needed any help, and she asked a few questions about price and then told me she wasn't actually interested in any of them. She was waiting for her daughter to finish looking for something. Then she asked about my piercing, mainly why I did it and such. That spurred a conversation about how the world is changing.

She damn near fainted when I told her that I could use a computer before I could read. We talked about people from the depression, the things they knew how to do and how life was back when the operator dialed the numbers for you. I spoke from what I'd been told about my family, she spoke from experience having grown up near the end of the depression. I'd never met a luddite so adamant in their decision to fight technology, but even weirder was that she actually had been technically certified and ran a computer based business when they came out. Apparently there was a time when an answering machine cost a thousand dollars.

When I told her about the concept of a video podcast she couldn't believe me, so I took her to a computer and set up a video conference. I'd never seen a luddite so delighted using something they despise. I gave her a business card when she went off to find her daughter, she thanked me for taking the time to talk to her and such.
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Didn't hurt much, felt warm mostly. Endorphin high for a few hours. Very happy with it.
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I owe UCF $500 for fucking up in Spring semester with my Computer Organization class, and $500 for my Fall Tuition. Until both are paid off I can't fix the fact that I'm registered for a class at Rosen Campus because their registration system is fucking retarded. I'm going to go get myself stabbed in the face for about $60 tomorrow. That should make me feel better while I pray my paychecks happen faster.
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I've been silent online for the month or so, rarely getting free time online enough to simply talk to people, let alone update for the hell of it. Work has pretty much been the only thing of note going on until a few days ago. Somehow I ended up on Modblog from BMEZine and became entranced. Initially I was looking for tattoo references, but after a few hours was doing research into magnetic implants and hook suspension. I don't know if I've just been on the site too long and it's affecting my perception, or if the site merely revealed something that had always been in the back of my mind. If it weren't for the problems with getting an acceptable job after heavy tattooing I'd definitely be saving for a full body tribal design.

However it appears as though the magnetic implants I mentioned before are actually relatively cheap, if difficult to learn about. The first article I read was the one that really got me interested in the magnetic sensory implant. Another article expanded on the idea talking to several of the people who had gotten the implant, one guy who worked in electronics actually found he could intuit some of the functionality or components of electronics. Another could tell a card was acting weird in his laptop and took it in to the shop. It's not without dangers or drawbacks at this point, the type of magnet is mutanegenic, carcinogenic, and contains toxic components. Additionally they are silicone coated and encased thinly gold, thus easily compromised and easily broken. However the magnet is supposedly not expensive, nor is the procedure exceptionally painful. The sensory input described is worth it, in my opinion, as most people who work around electronics are already sensitive to the fields but this extends it and takes away the concentration aspect. A guy in one of the articles had his implant encased in titanium, more biocompatable than gold

In addition to this I've been doing a lot of research and reading into suspension. I don't know why, but I feel drawn to it, especially after reading most of the experiences related on their site. Any picture I've seen where the suspendee doesn't have a huge grin on their face is one where they're posing or meditating. I'm going to look into it more and find a group up in Orlando, start helping out and learning more from them and then going up. Personally I'd like to try the suicide suspension or superman suspension first, having the front of my body or my legs pierced at this point doesn't sit well with me.

On a related note I'm going to get my septum pierced within the next fortnight, call me if you want to join to get something pierced or just watch me get stabbed.
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Twitter is such a great idea. It's a community site thing based around the only feature I really like from Facebook, the status update. Being that I see your digital footprints more often than I see you all, I'd be delighted if I actually knew people on this service. Any paranoids who dislike the Facebook feeds and mini-feed for fear of cyber-stalking need not apply.

Any time I'd make a really short blog entry I'll probably be making a post on Twitter instead.

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For the first time in my life I'm enjoying the job I have, even though I have to drive to Aventura to get to it. I'm also not technically allowed to advertise what company it's with on my blog, and those of you know me probably know where it is already. Twice this week I had a five hour shift and at no point did I look at the time and groan that I still had $var amount of time left.

I got my car back finally, after a little over a month of it being in the shop. My family is full of rednecks, why it took so long is beyond me. Granted, it did need the engine rebuilt entirely after all was said and done. After getting it back I was anxious to employ techniques learned on Zen Habits to get my care cleaned, organized, and looking nice.

Fixed issues:
- Stalling at idle
- Not running
- Sounding like a machine gun
- Bleeding oil
- Uncluttered

Remaining issues:
- Carpet and interior still has lingering filth
- Dire need of vacuuming and shampooing
- Tint still leaves much to be desired aside from the darkening affect
- Broken sensor causes car to run rich and create carbon buildup
- Speedometer doesn't register speed, at all
- Air Conditioning is imaginary at this point, need to charge with freon
- Dirty exterior

For those of you interested in doing stuff this week, or just the creepy stalkers of the world, I offer a link to my work schedule. Enjoy, note that driving time is between 45 minutes and an hour and a half depending on traffic, so add about an hour to both sides of the equation.


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Being that I have a full hour before training for work today, I guess I'll do a meme that tells more about me than the entry I planned to write.

Rules of the Game
1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

1. I am a strange combination of impulsive and indecisive, causing me problems more often than I like to admit. Additionally the indecisiveness bothers me more than any action done impulsively, including the time I shot myself point blank in the arm with an airsoft gun.

2. Often times I fall out of contact with people for weeks at a time only to start talking with them as if nothing had happened. I blame this one on the information age, I don't use the phone unless someone isn't online and I have a specific question or reason to talk to them. When I tell people to give me a call sometime it's because I want to stay in contact but never bring myself to taking that initiative.

3. I stay cool under pressure, but the second I think I could be under scrutiny I make an attempt to explain myself through body language. For example when reading a nametag on a cashier it'll randomly occur to me that to an untrained eye I am staring at her chest, so I'll immediately try to make conversation about her name while projecting a bit more than I normally do. Habit formed from Publix, also includes wide gestures to show the managers I'm doing what's asked of me so they have no reason to doubt it.

4. I put too much stock in digital communications. I feel that if I get my ideas out online, eventually I'll end up with an audience that will inspire me to continue. I work best with an audience for whatever product or service I'm tinkering with at any given time. If I slip into entertainment mode in conversation online or in person I feel more actively creative and as if my ideas or wit is sharper. Then I come home with no way to replicate this for my own individual sketchy ideas.

5. I'm never wrong, even when I am, generally when you call me on it. If I realize I'm wrong or don't know what I'm talking about I'll make a few generalizations and propagate some hearsay before changing the topic to something I actually know about. If proven wrong I simply agree and change the subject, unless I've been told before that I always thing I'm right or talk out my ass. This used to happen with my mother a lot, I'd insist and keep arguing my wrong point until she was tired of hearing it just because she brought it up. I argue until my last breath (or acceptable topic change) if pressed this way.

6. I am overconfident and have no plans to change it. I feel that so long as I exude a strong confidence I will be in control of more situations than if I ever doubt my abilities. I'm not going to try to stop a car by standing in front of it, but I will fight someone much larger than me. This kinda feeds into the last one as well, as I am confident my opinion will prevail if I want it to more. This confidence has gained me much and cost me little as of yet, I don't know how safe it is to assume that will continue though.

7. I am incapable of accepting a compliment. I just don't know how to do it, I thank the person and almost always try to pass the credit off as something else and replace it with a compliment in their favor. I feel more comfortable giving complements than receiving them, and one normally causes the other which works against me.

8. Luck is a central factor in my life, I will rely on it like I rely on the sun going down in the evening. I will make decisions and make luck one of the central components because it's something I feel I can depend on. Criticism of my luck only strengthens my resolve in it, and it's a rare day that my luck doesn't hold out when I really need it to. It's a bad habit that I don't plan on breaking, like number six.

I now tag eight people, I shall pick people who I either know will do it, or know won't do it for whatever reason: lunar_symph0ny, lunar_blue, cbauman, jeffylube, thestormsurfer, pookin, dirt_dick, and esan

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For some reason it seems I always keep a large shroud of entropy around me, chaos just happens in my life no matter where I set up shop. Even when I'm bored there's some sort of disorder floating around me, a tangible force most of the time. I find I often inspire chaos and just watch it, rolling the snowball down the mountain and enjoying every inch it rolls.

I want to take a more active role in my chaos, I noticed myself doing more watching than acting this weekend. Chilling in one spot at a table and watching the people interact is for people on drugs more hardcore than alcohol.

Additionally I'm attempting to restore order to my current place of residence and my presence on the internet. I'm effectively living in the living room itself, the stuff strewn about the floor and couches gives the appearance of my dorm room. Being that I have no furniture here of my own I've taken no initiative yet to remedy the current setup, but I know that it's something I need to do. Reading Zen Habits and Lifehacker I have an overwhelming desire to get organized.

Getting in shape, getting a job, getting out, getting organized, what am I and where is the real me?

Maybe that's what I'm trying to figure out by doing this...

Either way I'm still procrastinating on my assignments, I guess that's next on the list of things to be changed.

I still toast to bad decisions, and that will never change.

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Too many details, not enough brainpower. One long sentence, a list of people prominently involved with no order, and an anecdote.

Pheterson's party Friday night, from 20:00 until 04:30, I sleep there from 04:30 to 08:30, go to Samantha's graduation party at 14:30 until 18:30, back to Pheterson's from 22:20 'til 00:15 when the cops showed up, then Damian's from 00:45 until now (03:25).

Carson, Pheterson, Frank, Kovacs, Damian, Gio, David, Rob, Deanna, Brandon, Richard, and Gaby.

Damian: (To Carson on phone) Let me ask about the cops. (To Richard) So what could you deduce from jumping the fences?
Richard: Cops.

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